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Slow Food Cycle Tour

Hey you all.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for summer to approach so I could tell you about this AMAZING event that’s been going on for the last five years here in BC. If you like to ride bike, eat food, shop local, get outdoors or just experience something really cool, you have to try to Slow Food Cycle Tour.

Essentially it’s essentially a slow-paced, lovely bike ride where, along the way, local farmers and chefs set up stands and stops where you can sample, savour and shop. Slowly fill up while forgetting about the time and the destination because, let’s be honest, we can all get so focused on the end goal that we take the trip towards it for granted.

This summer there are going to be two tours in the Fraser Valley.  One in Agassiz on Saturday, July 23rd and one in Chilliwack on Sunday, July 24th.  Come out and hang out with me… you’ll get to see just how much a little pale girl from Abbotsford can eat!

You have to register online because space is limited (we don’t want to overwhelm the farmers with masses of hungry bike-riding local yokels… such as myself…) so register NOW!

Ready… set… slow….

p.s. Don’t forget to attach a basket or wagon to your bicycle so you have somewhere to put your goodies!


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Knife Wielding Maniac

I’m different. I have an unexplained love and passion for butchery. Feeling the bones and joints of an ice cold piece of meat… breaking up a side of a cow into beautiful cuts of meat that you could pick out from a deli counter.

I finished my first year of culinary arts school and am working on saving up some money so I can continue on down the road to becoming a certified chef. Unfortunately this means that (other than the work I do in my own home kitchen) I am going without practice. Especially the strangely therapeutic practice of butchery.

Then something spectacular happened. I stumbled upon the book “Cleaving” by Julie Powell (the author of Julie and Julia.) Cleaving, as you can probably tell by its name, is a lot more gritty and gutsy than it’s older brother. It’s not as cute and fuzzy. It’s not a feel good book. But never have I heard someone explain my love of butchering better than Ms. Powell.

It gave me an idea…

If I could befriend a butcher in my community, I could start cutting up real, big cuts of meat on a regular basis!

So the search was on… I toyed with the idea of going into a market and talking to the boys behind the deli counter. Lepp Farm. Remples. But, alas, I am a chicken and ended up letting my dreams fall by the wayside in order to keep my dignity as a little lady shopper.

That is… until yesterday:

Yesterday afternoon the owner of Karls Meats in downtown Abbotsford stumbled into our store looking for vacuum attachments! Our talk slowly lingered from vacuums to cheese. And from cheese to butchering. And I now have permission to wander into his shop (once fall rolls around and they start cutting up “hamburger cows”) and start cleaving my way into the butcher society!



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An Upcoming Interview

I don’t know how many of you remember the “Personal Boldness Scale” that was posted on this blog many months ago. For those of you who don’t, let me refresh this for you. My wonderful partner-in-crime Alison approached a certain someone about doing an interview and he agreed! We were excited. We were in a tizzy. Everything was coming up roses. Sadly, the interview never came to fruition and ended up falling into the never-ending pit of sadness that is promises that don’t follow through.

This little episode sparked something inside of me. The yearning for an interview. And I’m happy to announce that I’ve achieved my goal! I am currently preparing for an interview with Food Network Canada’s Chef Anthony Sedlak!

Please let me know if you have any questions that you would like me to ask Chef Anthony, otherwise, stay tuned!!

Boldness: For The Win!

p.s. Here is a great interview with Anthony from The Globe and Mail.

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On The Move

The Supper Club girls are catering!

We’re excited to say that we’ve been asked to cater a small upcoming event. Tea sandwiches, veggie platters and desserts. Classic and classy. Downplayed and delicious.

If you have a small event to host and don’t want to worry about the food prep and presentation, let us know!

We’d love to lend a hand!

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Blog Fail

WAIT!  Before you go any further reading this post, please turn up your speakers and turn on a little mood music.


Whew okay.

Sorry everybody!  The Supper Club has been busy busy busy with Irish Pub Night coming up this Friday- we haven’t been doing a very good job with our blogging!

We are so excited for this one though- the music playlist is all set, groceries are being bought, and recipes are being perfected – possibly even at this moment!  Are you intrigued yet?  I know I am.

If you have RSVP’d and just had that that “Oh goodness, I don’t even know where this is happening!” moment, email us at and we’ll get you there.

I’ve been ‘researching’ like a mad scientist about the Irish.  You know what I’ve learned?  I’ll tell you.

1. I learned that Irish music, while it’s mostly about drinking, is usually very cleverly written, and I can’t help but tap my toes to the beat.

2. I learned that ‘black pudding’ is something I will only serve to people I don’t like.

3. The Irish have a lot of proverbs and wise sayings, such as “Never bolt the door with a boiled carrot”, or “If you want an audience, start a fight.”  Profound.

4. My suspicions have been confirmed: The Irish love their potatoes.


You might just learn some more of those on Friday during dinner, but please don’t test me on my Irish knowledge- I get amnesia when I’m under pressure.  I’m working on it.

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Supper Club Presents, Irish Pub Night

The Supper Club is officially announcing the next supper, and boy are we excited about this one!

We want to invite you to join us for a night of good pub food- Irish style.

Think Irish music, good friends and a relaxed atmosphere, and of course, some great comfort food!

It’s all happening Friday, March 18 at 6:00 pm at the same location as last month’s supper.  There is a minimum donation of $15 to raise money for the Warm Zone in Abbotsford.

We have limited seating, so to reserve your spot at the table or for more details, email us at

(Irish Pub Night wouldn’t be complete without your favorite brew, so if you please, bring some along!)

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