You Speak Italian

Ever wonder what pasta names REALLY mean? Yes? All the time? You never stop wondering?! Good! You’ll like this.

acini de pepe [ah-CHEE-nee dee PAY-pay] means “peppercorns”

agnolotti [ah-nyoh-LAH-tee] means “priests’ caps”

anelli; anellini [ah-NEHL-lee; ah-nehl-LEE-nee] means “small rings”

anellone [ah-neh-LOH-neh] means “large rings”

bavettine; bavette [bah-veh-TEE-neh; bah-VEH-teh] means “narrow ribbons”

canestrini [kah-neh-STREE-nee] means “little baskets”

cannaroni [kah-nah-ROH-nee] means “wide tubes”

cannelloni [kah-new-LOH-nee] means “large reeds”

capelli d’angelo [kah-PELL-ee DAN-zheh-low] means “angel hair”

cappelletti [kap-peh-LEHT-tee] means “little hats”

cavatappi [kah-vah-TAH-pee] means “corkscrew”

conchiglioni [kohn-chee-lee-YOH-nee] means “conch shells”

creste di galli; creste [KRAY-stay dee GAHL-lee] means “cockscombs”

ditali [dih-TAH-lee] means “thimbles”

farfelle [fahr-FAH-lay] means “butterflies”

fedelini [fay-day-LEE-nee] means “little faithful ones”

fettuccine; fettucini [feht-tuh-CHEE-neh (-nee)] means “little ribbons”

fischietti [fee-SKYEHT-tee] means “small whistle”

fusilli [fyoo-SEE-lee] means “little springs”

gemelli [jay-MEHL-lee] means “twins”

gigantoni [jee-gahn-TOH-nee] means “super giants”

linguine [lihn-GWEE-nee; lihn-GWEE-neh] means “little tongues”

lumache [loo-MAH-cheh] means “snails”

magliette [mah-LYAY-tah (-tay)] means “links”

malloreddus [mahl-loh-REHD-duhs] means “small bulls”

manicotti [man-ih-KAHT-tee] means “little muffs”

margherite [mahr-geh-REE-teh] means “daisies”

maruzze [mah-ROOT-zeh] means “seashells”

mostaccioli [moh-stah-CHYOH-lee] means “little moustaches”

orecchiette [oh-rayk-kee-EHT-teh] means “little ears”

orzo [OHR-zoh] means “barley”

pansotti; pansoti [pan-SOHT-tee] means “pot bellied”

pappardelle [pah-pahr-DEHL-leh] means “gulp down”

pastina [pah-STEE-nah] means “tiny dough”

penne [PEN-neh; PEN-nay] means “pens” or “quills”

radiatore [rah-dyah-TOH-reh] means “little radiators”

rotelle [roh-TEHL-leh] means “little wheels”

ruote; ruote de carro [roo-OH-the (dee KAH-roh] means “cartwheels”

semi de melone [SEH-mee dee meh-LOH-neh] means “melon seeds”

spaghetti [spah-GEH-tee] means “little strings”

stelline [steh-LEE-neh] means “little stars”

tortellini [tohr-tl-EE-nee] means “little twists”

trenette [tray-NAY-teh] means “ribbons”

tubetti [too-BEH-tee] means “little tubes”

vermicelli [ver-mih-CHEH-lee] means “little worms”

ziti [ZEE-tee] means “bridegrooms”

Now you can speak Italian too.


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