Pie = Friendship

I was standing in line at the grocery store talking excitedly to my husband about the bourbon pecan pie I was going to make him. It’s his favorite pie… perhaps even his favorite dessert… so I knew he would put up with me going on a food-excitement-rampage. I mentioned how excited I was to make the pie, and also to try making sweet potato pie. It’s something uncommon around our parts, I’ve never tried it, but I have such a love for southern eats that I know I have to try it eventually.

That was when the kind blonde woman standing in front of me turned around. She asked, with a smile, where I was going to get this recipe for sweet potato pie. She had also never had it but told me about a buttermilk pie that her Mennonite mother used to make on a regular basis. She then went on to tell me about her mother’s delicious pie and paska and the wonderful memories that connect food to childhood and end up staying with you forever.

This is the reason that I love food. It is SO powerful, connecting taste and smell with people and emotions. Certain flavors can bring back the memory of loved ones or transport you back to your oma’s house when you were 6, eating potato pancakes with sugar spinkled on them and drinking a tall glass of chocolate milk.

Food brings people together. With the promise of sharing pie recipes, my grocery-store lady and I exchanged e-mails and said goodbye. She later sent me the link to a pie website with a good buttermilk pie recipe and when I make me sweet potato pie, I’ll be sending her the recipe as well!

Now the only decision I have to make is whether to make Jamie’s American Sweet Potato Pie or Joy the Baker’s…. sounds like I’m going to be making two!


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One response to “Pie = Friendship

  1. Amanda

    Ive always eyed joys sweet potato pie but i would crimp the edges of the crust cause Im fancy like that. Definitely would not put lattice on a sweet potato pie. For some reason, out of all the pies, bumbleberry pie reminds me of childhood. As for pie though non traditional pie really reminds me of being a kid like perishky with blueberries and zyrumph (sp?)

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